Touring Tikal, the Place of Voices

Touring Tikal, the Place of Voices

Gilda Barrientos

City Of TIkal

Source. This article is a reproduction of the article that presents the city of Tikal in the Tulán application, which is a mediated version of the archaeological article curated by Manuel Guzmán and edited by Elizabeth Marroquin.

Tikal is located in the department of Petén and is one of the most important cities in the Mayan world. Of the few that survived the crisis of the Preclassic Period to be reborn in the Classic.

On this tour, we will explore the temples: I (Great Jaguar), II (Temple of Masks), III (Temple of the Jaguar Priest), IV (Temple of the Bicephalous Serpent), V and VI (Temple of the Inscriptions). Being the Temple IV or the Temple of the Bicephalous Serpent, the highest pyramid, which measures 70 meters high. This temple is surpassed only by “La Danta” located to the north of Guatemala in “El Mirador”. Each temple is a sample of the architectural greatness reached by the Mayans.

Also, we will know the dynastic sequence of Tikal, which is the longest of the Mayan lowlands, covering about 700 years. As well as important ceramic pieces found in this city, and the roads of Tikal (Tozzer, Méndez, Maler, Maudslay and Morley).

In addition, we will briefly visit the Lithic and the Sylvanus G. Morley Museums, which houses and exhibit pieces of Tikal.

The tour can take about two hours and to plan your trip you can see these and others in Tulán.



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