The Mayan’s football

The Mayan’s football

Fernanda Morales

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This article is a reproduction of the version measured by Fernanda Morales of the article that presents the soccer of the Mayans in the Tulán application, which was made by Alejandra Cordero and edited by Rosaura Vásquez.

 To the north of Plaza No. 8 of the Zaculeu archaeological site there is a ball game limited to the north and south of Building 22 and 23 with a slope of 41 °. It has an "I" shape and measures approximately 42.55 m in an east-west direction and 21.0 m in a north-south direction (Woodbury, 1953, page 69, cited by Lamb 2018).

Accesses to the ball game are by Plaza 8 and Plaza 4. There is also a small step, but doesn’t leadto directly to the ball game, it probably worked as an access to an altar or a kind of throne (Woodbury, 1953, cited by Lamb 2018). To drain the water in rainy season, the ball game has a drainage of approximately 37 cm that crossed the western wall (Woodbury, 1953, page 71, cited by Cordero 2018).

No evidence of a ball game marker on the floor or a ring on the top of the walls of Buildings 22 and 23 was found (Woodbury, 1953, page 71), but red stucco was recovered on the rubble. Nor was it located in the upper part of Buildings 22 and 23 (Woodbury, 1953, page 71, cited by Cordero 2018).

The date of its creation is not known exactly due to the fact that no ceramic material of a burial or hiding place was registered. However, it is estimated that it was created during the period of the greatest constructive activity around Square 1, at the end of the Chinaq Phase and the beginning of the Qyankyak Phase (Woodbury, 1953, page 72, cited by Cordero 2018).

 The explore can take about two hours and to plan your trip you can see these and others in Tulán.



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