Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

Jose Crasborn

Phrase:  Count of the time.

Talk about the Mayan calendar is talk about a system that is formed by different ways of counting the time that already passed. Mayans used solar calendar called haab this consist of 18 months of 20 days each and was added an extra month of 5 days to complete the 365 days, they also used other calendar as ritual nature known as tzolk’in which 20 days were toggle between them and numerals from 1 to 13 making a cycle of 260 days. Both cycles worked in different way, but when combined they made a major cycle, called as Calendar Wheel, in this, any position was repeated every 52 years. Calendar Wheel was complemented with another cycle known as Large Count, which count the days from the actual creation, which had several cycles based on the vigesimal system, all this information was complemented with moon phases and the planetary cycles, making it one of the most exact calendars known nowadays (Source: Mexican Archaeology 2012:26).


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