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Kaminaljuyu is located at Calzada San Juan 30 avenida zona 7, Guatemala City.

The archaeological site Kaminaljuyú was the most important pre-Hispanic regional capital of the central Guatemalan highlands, it is estimated that Kaminaljuyú came to group up to 220 constructions, of which some reached 20 meters in height, occupying an area of ​​5 square kilometers (Cardinal cited by Vásquez and Rivas, 2018).

The curated information of the ancient Mayan city Kaminaljuyú was carried out by a team of experts in charge of content research Sandy Rivas and content editing and validation by archaeologist Rosuara Vásquez. Likewise, there is a communication  team Gilda Barrientos in charge of transferring the investigated data into audio guides in Spanish and English.

Tulán offers you the exploration experience using the geolocation of elements in each of the 13 pieces of the city of Kaminaljuyu in the application, and this can also be done offline.

We recommend the following route:

- Kaminaljuyú

- Archaeological Park of Kaminaljuyu

- Stela 11

- Museum

- The Acropolis

- Ceremonial centers

- La Palangana

-  El Mirador

-The Potballies

- The Obsidian

- Miraflores Museum

- Popo Vuh Museum

- National Museum of Archeology and Ectnology of Guatemala

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