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Elaboración propia



Sandy Rivas

Iximche is located in the Municipality of Tecpán, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

The city of Iximché was the most important prehispanic regional capital in Guatemala. Its name means “Corn Tree” in Cakchiquel and it is located in the Township of Tecpán, department of Chimaltenango. This place was the settlement of the cakchiquel Mayans since 1470 until 1524, when the Spaniards conquered what is now Guatemalan territory (Palacios, 2018).

The curated information of the ancient Mayan city Iximche was carried out by a team of experts in charge of content research Sandy Rivas, Laura Palacios and content editing and validation by archaeologist Ingui Zeceña. Likewise, there is a communication  team Gilda Barrientos in charge of transferring the investigated data into audio guides in Spanish and English.

Tulán offers you the exploration experience using the geolocation of elements in each of the 10 pieces of the city of Iximche in the application, and this can also be done offline.

We recommend the following route:

- Iximche

- Museoum of Iximche

- Structure 2

- Structure 22 and Gold Collar

- Structure 3 and Ramon Tree

- Gran Palace I

- Ceremonial Areas

- Gran Palace II

- Strucre 7: Ball Games

- Structure 8: Ball Games

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