Golden Necklace

Golden Necklace

Laura Palacios

Del Águila (2008, p. 43) 1, states that this is a piece composed of ten jaguar heads made of gold. These pieces were found next to two well-polished jade basins, and another forty smaller gold pieces.

All of the above described, was found in Burial E 27-A, of Structure 27, facing the right hip of the individual lying there. Other materials worked were found associated with the remains of the individual (Ibid. P., 42) 2


  • Bone bracelets on the elbows. The arms were crossed behind the knees.
  • Carved jade: it was in front of the lower jaw. The carving was of a stylized human face.
  • Fragments of turquoise, other green stones and shells: these were found by removing the skull, and sifting the earth.
  • Gold belt: 6 centimeters high, smooth texture and circular shape. It was found behind the knees.
  • Copper nose earring: oval, found on the right side.
  • Copper ring: small in size, appears in the place of the left ear.

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