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Altar of Zoomorfo P

Altar of Zoomorfo P

Manuel Guzmán

The Altar of Zoomorfo P was erected during the government of Chan Tiliw Yopaat, on September 15, 795 AD. C. ( It was discovered in 1934, during the excavations carried out by Morris and Stromsvik. It is located to the south of the Great Plaza, in the Ball Game Square and 30 meters west of Zoomorfo O and its respective Altar.

 The text of Altar P is considerably shorter than O, although it repeats several events recorded in this last monument. After the initial and lunar series, a background story about the Primordial Creation ( is mentioned.

 The “date was” is followed by the mention of Chan Tiliw Yopaat's first hotuun since his enthronement, after 10 years have elapsed; in addition to different dates corresponding to events, possibly of a military nature, elapsed during the government of K´ahk´ Tiliw Chan Yopaat.

 From the correspondence of dates, it is known that the altar was carved simultaneously with Zoomorfo P. It presents a character with a mask, similar to that found in the Altar of Zoomorfo O; which results in being identified with the same lightning deity.

 He is also identified as a storm god, who emerges from a T-shaped cleft, accompanied by two supernatural beings with a long nose. Highlights the figure of an aviano zoomorph at one of its ends, which appears to wrap the head of a snake.


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