Tulan app and privacy policy

Tulan app and privacy policy

Tulán Archaeological Audio Guide®️ provides certified archaeological information of Mayan cities collected by a team of curators led by archaeologists. For each ancient Mayan city, a tour is suggested and at each point audio capsules and informative articles are provided.

The available cities are 16, like Tikal, Quiriguá and Zaculeu, Mixco Viejo, Iximcheand Kaminaljuyú. 

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Política de privacidad

Tulán does not store payment data or personal data, so you can feel confident when installing and using it. In IOS the purchase is direct so there is no communication between the application and the companies issuing credit cards. In Android Tulán use the card payment mechanism by Cybersource, so the data observes the common security policies, at no time does Tulán store your credit card or personal data.

Tulán not only does not collect personal information but also does not provide information to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

You will not receive any direct communication from Tulán requesting your personal information when downloading the application.

In short, Tulán does not collect information, nor does it have use plans among its policies for purposes other than your user experience.