Sandy Rivas


The City of Iximche was the pre-Hispanic regional capital of utmost importance in Guatemala. Its name means “Corn tree” in CAKCHIQUEL (Mayan Language) and is located in the township of Tecpán, department of Chimaltenango. This was the settlement of the Mayans Cakchiqueles between 1470 until 1524, year that the Spaniards conquer what today is the Guatemalan territory (Palacios, 2018).

Iximché is considered the first capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. In 1940 the first archaeological investigations were carried out and in 1960 it was declared a National Monument of Guatemala (Palacios, 2018).

The archaeological site of Iximché has a Museum and is divided into four squares: A, B, C and D. Different structures are located in each of them. Our proposal is to know them in a parabolic order, except for the museum that is located on the outskirts of the park.

The pieces that we will know are the following:

  1. Museum.
  2. Structure 2: Square A
  3. Structure 22: Square A
  4. Structure 3: Square A
  5. Grand Palace I: Square B
  6. Ceremonial area: farthest part of Iximché, after Square D.
  7. Grand Palace II: Square C
  8. Structure 7: Square C
  9. Structure 8: Square A

The tour can take about two hours and to plan your trip you can see these and others in Tulán.

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